ISO/TC 20 Aerospace standards

Aerospace manufacturers must adhere to strict performance and quality standards as dictated by ISO/TC 20 – the technical committee of the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) responsible for developing and maintaining standards for aircraft and space vehicles. ISO/TC 20 has developed more than 600 standards in the aircraft and spacecraft industries.

Filtermist helps aerospace manufacturers to ensure components meet the highest industry standards

Using metalworking fluids to lubricate the tools and keep components cool during typical aerospace manufacturing applications can produce a range of airborne pollutants including oil and coolant mist, dust, fume, steam and smoke.

If these contaminants are not controlled effectively, they can cause significant problems across many areas of a business. It has been well-documented that exposure to these fluids can cause a wide range of health issues including occupational asthma, dermatitis, liver damage, and even cancers. In addition, poor air quality can result in inferior product quality, equipment breakdowns, lower levels of worker productivity, as well as the costly repercussions of failing to comply with industry regulations.

Filtermist oil mist filters are trusted by some of world’s leading aerospace manufacturers to effectively remove oil and coolant mist, fume and steam from workplace air. They have also been used in environments where a high volume of Skydrol, a fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid, was present with no adverse effects reported to date.